Our Mission

The mission of the Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition is to represent community associations, civic leagues, and similarly situated concerned citizens in Montgomery County, Maryland who are committed to resolving the untenable levels of aircraft noise, air pollution, and flight safety risks imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration's flight paths and procedures at Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA).  

We seek the timely implementation and maintenance of an air traffic plan for DCA that minimizes aircraft noise and maximizes air traffic safety in an environmentally sound manner.  

In furtherance of this mission, our objectives are to:

• Create a public forum where concerned Montgomery County residents and community associations can collaborate to achieve shared goals

• Act as a voice for community residents to articulate and document the personal and neighborhood impacts of increased noise and related public health issues

• Educate the public, media, elected representatives, airports, and the FAA on community concerns 

• Catalyze focused resident activities such as filing noise complaints and providing feedback to officials to amplify the Coalition’s requests for change 

• Cooperate with local, state, regional, and national groups addressing similar air traffic concerns

• Work closely with elected representatives and policymakers to identify effective administrative, legal, legislative, and environmental solutions 

• Collaborate with the FAA, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), and DCA Noise Working Group to identify and implement solutions with a clear timeline and realistic outcome for all parties

• Objectively understand technical issues of the NextGen and other air traffic plans that affect DCA and other regional airports.